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SirRah’s LLC is an Internet E-Commerce Store devoted to hand crafted, made by real people products. Not mass produced. Now these hand made items might be made with a tool like a sewing machine or a crochet needle or a straight needle or a saw or a drill or other hand tools. It’s about the hands that are using the tools, they are used by skilled, loving and caring real life people. SirRah’s wants to provide a marketplace for these people to sell their products to make them some extra income so they can survive and prosper.

Based in a Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, suburb called Broken Arrow. 

With our language is English 


About Us

What is SirRah’s?

 SirRahs was started in late 2017 by Walt & Debbie Harris in a joint adventure to supplement our income. Now Debbie gets all the credit for coming up with the name SirRah’s. She was very clever in thinking this out. If you haven’t figured it out yet it is our last name backwards. What a wonderful idea. Well it turns out that it is a real word.

Webster’s (old school book) dictionary definition : sirrah – (sir'(upside down “e” whatever that means)) or [sir-uh], noun [< sir], [Archaic], a contemptuous term of address used to a man.

Okay, then I had to look up contemptuous – showing contempt; scornful; disdainful.

Then I had to look up disdainful – feeling or expressing disdain; scornful and aloof.

Then I had to look up aloof – 1. at a distance but in view; apart; removed; 2. distant in sympathy, interest, etc.; reserved and cool.

Still confused I looked it up another way (on my modern cellphone) dictionary – sirrah [sir-uh] – noun Archaic.

A term of address used to inferiors or children to express impatience, contempt, etc. Origin: 1520-30; extended form of sir; source of final vowel is unclear.

 So then I looked up archaic – 1. marked by the characteristics of an earlier period, antiquated. 2. (of a linguistic form) commonly used in an earlier time but rare in present-day usage except to suggest the older time. 3. forming the earliest stage; prior to full development. 4. (often initial capital letter) pertaining to or designating the style of the fine arts, etc… Stop – That is enough.

 Sorry, I got carried away.

 Anyway, that is what SirRah’s is about.

~ Walt & Debbie Harris

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